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rest in Peace, Lloyd and Janine Alexander

(I originally posted this on a different on-line community)

Lloyd Alexander, died the morning of May 17 at his home in Drexel Hill, PA. His wife of 62 years, Janine, died two weeks earlier on May 2 (Her obituary is here.) At least they were not apart for very long. His most recent book, The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio, is due to be released on August 7.

The School Library Journal was the first to break the news:

Roger Sutton -- editor in chief of The Horn Book, Inc. has two blog entries on Lloyd Alexander's passing:

The Horn Book's obituary for Lloyd Alexander includes links to four pieces of archival material involving him that are treats to read:

New York Magazine looks at the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles of Prydain:

The High King is everything we desperately hope Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be: a sweeping epic, an emotional finale, a series-ender that carefully lets each and every character fulfill his destiny. Beloved characters die; flawed enemies are redeemed; and good triumphs over evil.

The Washington Post has it's own obituary:

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