Punctuated equilibrium (mad_mediocrity) wrote in lloyd_alexander,
Punctuated equilibrium

My childhood?!

Er, hello. I'm rather new to LJ, and this is actually the first community that I've actually posted in, as opposed to simply lurking. It's been awhile since I've read any of Lloyd Alexander's stuff, but surely that doesn't prevent me from gushing on about him and his great writing anyway? :P

I've got some free time coming up (and I'm undergoing a huge bout of sentimentality for him!), so I was thinking about rereading some of his books. Unfortunately, I can only think of one, The Arcadians, which I loved to death. So I figured I should ask you guys, being LA connoisseurs: what personal favourites of yours should I stick on my To-Reread (and To-Read) list?

Thanks in advance!

- Yun
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